QUESTION:  From Susan (resident of Stouffville)‎ to Vote Rose Ward 5 – Rose Pizzulo

What is your background to make you qualified for this position? And what are you most important issues to move forward on if elected?

Thank you for your questions and interest in me as a Candidate for Ward 5 to represent the residents of our Community in Ward 5 and Stouffville.

To answer your questions, as a person running for Council I believe you need to have passion, be honest and have a commitment to your Community.

I am a strong team player, I have the experience to be able to make tough decisions, know how to make decisions for the long term and short term for the Community.

I would be respectful of others opinions and take all this into consideration when making decisions and how these decisions will impact Ward 5 and Community of Stouffville.

I will always have a clear vision and have an open mind while being transparent, accountable, be committed to the job and have the ability to consistently communicate with public and Council.

Another important factor is to have common sense, you must be able to manage responsibility for taxpayers when working with the budget. Be on top of your game, know your community and what is required to achieve the potential growth of Ward 5 and the Community of Stouffville

Having worked with the public and being community focused has given me the perspective to know how I can contribute to our community.  Having lived in Stouffville most of my life and now growing my family here  I have the passion, time commitment, honesty, clear vision and common sense to represent residents of  Ward 5 and Community of Stouffville a whole.  

There are many important items on the list for the Town of Stouffville.  My list is long, but to name a few:


  1. For our residents on our streets, ensuring traffic over flow does not endanger anyone in our community especially for our youth and seniors.
  2. Creating a budget for a 24 hour Fire Service in Ballantrae


  1. Ensuring the plans for our Catholic School in Ward 5 stay on track
  2. Main Street development – creating a healthy budget for our Main Street to live up to its future potential to attract more people to come visit Stouffville and this will also create more customers for our local businesses as well.
  3. Planned development for youth, senior and recreational centres

Heritage, Budget, Taxes and more.

Building relationships, earning respect and understanding the needs of  Ward 5 residents and community are my top priority.

Thank you again for connecting with me and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Rose Pizzulo

Candidate for Ward 5, Stouffville.

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