Question from  Darlene a resident in Ward 5_Questions came from WS Election 2018 Facebook  page.

This question came after I posted my most recent video on Whitchurch-Stouffville Election 2018 Facebook Page.  My response, it’s a lengthy reply.  Here we go….

Hello Darlene,

I sincerely thank you for taking an interest in my campaign.  The whole purpose of running for Council is to work with the residents of Ward 5.  The “movie theatre” mentioned in the video was a suggestion, it was an example of an attraction type business. The whole videos purpose was to put focus on “Economic Development”.

We need a team to consistently focus on selling trendy, specialty type, name brand businesses on Stouffville and Why Stouffville is the place to be!.   The whole purpose of getting businesses into Stouffville is…

1) We will have more income coming into Stouffville which will contribute to our current and future financial growth, 2) the more businesses we have coming into Stouffville specifically Main Street will help current businesses with more foot traffic, it will help Main Street come alive on a daily and nightly basis, this will also attract people from other areas. 3) The more money we have coming into the Town will help with future projects such as “Main Street Revitalization” and other important projects that are planned to make Stouffville the wonderful place it is.

Answers to your specific questions:

Question – 1) You would like to know how myself & this proposed team plans to sell Stouffville to these corporations, etc?

Answer – 1) This is a suggestion, myself having over 20 years of sales experience I feel this is an achievable idea.  This idea is a suggestion and if elected, I will work with Council and Town staff to move things forward.  The new and upcoming Council may have experienced members like myself to contribute to this idea and we can work together on moving this forward together.  The idea of a proposed “team” is that this is no small task, it will require more than one person.  More minds working together is better than one mind working by itself.

As for the content on how we would sell Stouffville.  Myself and selected individuals who will be selected by Council or Town Staff will do the necessary research, create proposals and said individuals will require to have exceptional people skills.

Question – 2) Additionally can you please tell me what the current zoning allows for the parcel of land you’ve referenced.

Answer – 2) The Current zoning for the Smart Centre land where I made the video is zoned for “Commercial” use.  I have confirmed this with my current Councillor that nothing has changed recently.  My other areas that were in my “idea video” included Downtown Main Street Stouffville which is also designated for “Commercial” use and the 404 Corridor is a mixed use of “Commercial and Industrial”.  Therefore, we have a lot of opportunity.

Question – 3) You suggested a movie theatre in your video, which I am certain is highly desired by many residents. Do you personally believe Stouffville can support such a business, with likewise facilities in neighboring communities. What other types of industry do you see suitable for the community?

Answer – 3) In my video the movie theatre was a suggestion, I do not want to take away the attention of the whole “idea” of my video was to develop business in Stouffville.

I am aware we have 19 on the Park which is a wonderful facility and I wanted it to be known that my video was not to take attention away from 19 on the Park.   The Movie theatre was an example of a family friendly establishment that would attract families from neighbouring towns. If elected, I am certain there is a process with the Town Staff to determine the types of businesses that would successful in the available Commercial areas around town.

One example of a business I would try to bring are attractions like “Sky Zone Trampoline Park”.  Instead of people thinking of going to their existing locations such as Vaughn, Toronto and Whitby and Mississauga?. Why not Stouffville?.

And Yes, Stouffville can support an “attraction” type business like this because not only would the residents of Stouffville will utilize this, it will attract residents from  Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Uxbridge, Richmond Hill to name a few.

If we want to be really specific I researched the last Statistics Canada Census Profile done in 2016.  I will include the populations of towns/Cities I feel would support an “attraction” type establishment in Stouffville. Examples of age groups that would use the establishment 5-14 yrs old, 10-14 yrs old, 15-19 yrs old (this is how it is viewed on Stats Canada website).  I will add these age groups together from the ages 5-19 years old to make it easier for viewing purposes.

Stouffville: (Population = 32,634) (Ages 5-19 = 6,755)

Aurora:  (Population = 55,445) (Ages 5-19 = 11,290)

Newmarket:  (Population = 84,224)  (Ages 5-19 = 16,645)

Uxbridge:   (Population = 11,832)  (Ages 5-19 = 2,350)

*And this is not including Markham, Richmond Hill and other neighbouring towns/cities.

As mentioned above it’s an idea that we put focus on how to bring businesses into Stouffville.  Designating individuals to go out and get the business just makes it more of a priority.   I feel this idea will help with the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville’s financial stability and make Stouffville the place to be.

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