Question from Frank – Resident of Whitchurch Stouffville_posted on multiple Facebook Election pages.  (It was a series of 10 questions, this my answer for #1 of 10)

Question: Do you think our Main Street/Downtown is healthy and successful? If not, what would you do to change that?

My Answer: Stouffville Main Street has been and always will be the heart of Stouffville.  It has such a lovely quaint feel to it and you just love walking down Main Street.  Looking over the past few years and beyond Main Street has had a tough go, with shops closing down, store fronts empty is has made it challenging to have a “healthy” Main Street.

The continued conversation comes back to attracting long-term and healthy businesses.  Main Street needs a variety of retailers to make it attractive such as boutiques, specialized shops and very well-know or trendy food establishments.  We do have some, but we need more. Main Street must been utilized properly and I feel this has not been done to the capacity it can be.

*Hiring a small team to hit the ground floor running to get these well-know or trendy retailers to fill our store fronts.

*Any new builds on Main Street be required to have sufficient public parking with their establishment.

*Ensuring the new businesses that come to Main Street are open later ex: retail open until 9pm, any food/restaurant until 11pm and open on weekends.  This may sound a bit demanding to some but we require to have many retailers to be open to service our community and visitors from other communities.

*Speak to the Region and Town to see what types of Grants we can offer new businesses for investing in Stouffville to make it more attractive to open here and for existing businesses what types of grants we have available to help them with their store front esthetics.

More bunesses = more money coming into town which equals more money to help Main Street be reconstructed in a way residents and business owners would be happy.

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