WS Resident Amber Tao asks….From my perspective, your opinion is mostly economic-centric. I would like to ask how do you think the government should coordinate the need for economic growth from governmental perspectives and the need for public space on Main Street from residents’ perspectives at the same time? Thank you.

My response:  We require Government involvement and Resident involvement.
These are only a few things that come to mind. Working together, We can make it happen.

My list of ideas and initiatives:

-provincial government grants to enhance heritage buildings
– municipal government to work with landlords for incentives for rent and taxes (e.g.  first year give tenants break – this will give them a chance to get known in the area
– work together with our regional government to advertise our Main Street as a Live.  Work. Play
– have zoning for outdoor patios in summer
– more events to draw people to the street (example: Unionville has bandstand music on Thursday nights)
– Markham had Friday Music at the restaurant’s and on the street
– beautiful flowers and hanging plants
– work to attract more restaurant’s, retail and boutiques, etc.



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