Question asked by a resident:  Some people in our community say that we have traffic problems. What do you think? How would you mitigate those concerns or change the situation?

My answer:  Yes, there is traffic. In order to assist the residents who experience our Downtown traffic my suggestions would be this:
*The Town would schedule a “traffic study” to be done. This is to ensure we have the concrete times that Main Street has heavy traffic. Once those traffic times are determined Main Street during high traffic times would be switched into a two-lane going both ways just for those high traffic times. This would mean no cars would be parked along Main Street from approximately 9th line to Park Drive.
*Please note: this is was done in Markham when Markham Main Street was under construction and it was very successful. Downtown Toronto does this daily and it works very well during heavy traffic.

Future Opportunity: Look at plans for future builds beyond Highway 48 along Hoover Park. Let’s look at extending Hoover Park to Woodbine Ave. This was purposed in the past, but fell through. Possibly we can rebuild the relationship with the owner/builder of that land and Hoover maybe extended to Woodbine one day.

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