Why consider to Vote Rose Pizzulo for Ward 5 Councillor? 

Corporate and Dale Carnegie Training experience is what makes me more qualified.

These are strengths I would bring to this role. Corporations I have worked for:

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise , Cadillac Fairview, America Express, Dale Carnegie Training to name a few.

This has given me the experience of how to communicate, problem solve, be an “out of the box thinker”, be a team player, deal with all levels of management and employees. I have worked closely with top VP’s, HR teams, internal stakeholders and all levels of employees. These companies invested in me with leadership and management training, I was taught how to increase profit, be a a good leader and how to motivate a team. 

I  am a proud Dale Carnegie Course Graduate,

I have been a graduate assistant coach twice,

I also won the “Human Relations Award”.

(too many Dale Carnegie Courses to list) 

I have managed a team from 5 to 75 people, I have trained motivated and made money for all the companies I have worked for. This is what I have to offer above and beyond my other qualities. 

Other interesting Certificates I hold:

Adversity Quotient (Dr. Paul Stoltz) 

Marketing and Fashion Management Diploma

Certified Dog Trainer

Radio Broadcasting 

BMW University 

If you choose to Vote for Rose Pizzulo! You will not be disappointed. Thank you for your support, Rose.

Check out this video!…. with a Ward 5 resident, Mom and Community Member Sara who works with Teens. We get to hear her perspective of How Whitchurch- Stouffville needs more activites/establishments catered to Teens. We are open for discussion, so let’s talk.

Question asked by a resident:  Some people in our community say that we have traffic problems. What do you think? How would you mitigate those concerns or change the situation?

My answer:  Yes, there is traffic. In order to assist the residents who experience our Downtown traffic my suggestions would be this:
*The Town would schedule a “traffic study” to be done. This is to ensure we have the concrete times that Main Street has heavy traffic. Once those traffic times are determined Main Street during high traffic times would be switched into a two-lane going both ways just for those high traffic times. This would mean no cars would be parked along Main Street from approximately 9th line to Park Drive.
*Please note: this is was done in Markham when Markham Main Street was under construction and it was very successful. Downtown Toronto does this daily and it works very well during heavy traffic.

Future Opportunity: Look at plans for future builds beyond Highway 48 along Hoover Park. Let’s look at extending Hoover Park to Woodbine Ave. This was purposed in the past, but fell through. Possibly we can rebuild the relationship with the owner/builder of that land and Hoover maybe extended to Woodbine one day.

Check out this Video Tour of Candelight and Memories – Promoting Main Street

Breathing life back into Main Street is a passion project of mine.  I have been thinking of multiple ways how I can promote and attract businesses. Giving exposure to the current businesses on Main Street is one of many ways to “Breath Life into Main St.”

I saw the sign, it opened up my eyes I saw the sign… What an unbelievable experience to see yourself on a sign. A dream coming into a reality. Thank you to my “Vote Rose Pizzulo” sign team and my baby boys daycare for the support for today’s sign placing shift.

WS Resident Amber Tao asks….From my perspective, your opinion is mostly economic-centric. I would like to ask how do you think the government should coordinate the need for economic growth from governmental perspectives and the need for public space on Main Street from residents’ perspectives at the same time? Thank you.

My response:  We require Government involvement and Resident involvement.
These are only a few things that come to mind. Working together, We can make it happen.

My list of ideas and initiatives:

-provincial government grants to enhance heritage buildings
– municipal government to work with landlords for incentives for rent and taxes (e.g.  first year give tenants break – this will give them a chance to get known in the area
– work together with our regional government to advertise our Main Street as a Live.  Work. Play
– have zoning for outdoor patios in summer
– more events to draw people to the street (example: Unionville has bandstand music on Thursday nights)
– Markham had Friday Music at the restaurant’s and on the street
– beautiful flowers and hanging plants
– work to attract more restaurant’s, retail and boutiques, etc.



When I am asked by residents “Why did you decide to run?”…

Reason # 1 – My husband suggested I run as I wanted to have a career with purpose. With the many years of management, sales, marketing and customer service experience it was a natural fit to run for council.

Reason # 2 – I want my son to have a love for his community like I do, what better way to set an example for him than to have the opportunity to have a say, to have a vote and to think of ideas on how we can make WS safer, profitable and ensure our development is inline with our residents needs.

These are two of many reasons. Want to find out more? Stay tuned or let’s meet anytime.

Question 2 of 10 from Resident Frank J. Veen

Question: What’s more important for our city right now: building new homes and commercial space or rehabbing/expanding/better utilizing our existing homes and storefronts?

My Answer: Whitchurch-Stouffville has expanded a great deal, we have grown to be such a beautiful multi-cultural town. It is wonderful to see people are wanting to move to Whitchurch-Stouffville, therefore we must keep up with the demand of building new homes. In regards to storefronts, when I have spoken to Business owners on Main Street they would like to have some type of financial support to update their store fronts.

The Town Staff and Council need to look at the scheduling of all planned and proposed development to ensure this is done in a beneficial way for our residents and for the Town. Planning, timing, and seeing what is proposed to makes sure it makes sense for the long run.