My Platform

If Elected, Ward 5 Councillor – Platform

As your Candidate for Ward 5 Councillor, Rose is committed to listening and engaging the residents of Ward 5 and the residents of Stouffville to understand and attend to their needs and expectations of the community.

“It is essential to listen and consider all viewpoints from our Stouffville residents before making any final decisions.”


Rose’s Focus:

  • Safety on our Streets
  • Fair Taxes
  • Stouffville’s Heritage
  • Properly PlannedCommunity Development

Safety on our Streets

Safety is always a priority!.  Speeding is a big issue in Ward 5.  Our Ward is growing and we need to take control of this issue.  My goal is to work with the residents of Ward 5 to make our streets safe from speeding.  We will work together by getting petitions signed, calling York Region Police (Stouffville Sub-Station) to report speeding and request that the Town install speed bumps where necessary.

Fair Taxes

It is important to ensure limited tax increases while maintaining our level of services for our residents.  Keeping taxes low will encourage more investment from local companies and economic prosperity ensures a high standard of living and quality of life for our residents.

Council must work together to ensure we can plan for these limited tax increases in the future.

Stouffville’s Heritage

Our Past is our Future.  What is the Stouffville story? How will we be able to educate and share our story with the future generations about the history of our Town?.

Our small Town Charm is what attracts people to live in Stouffville. It is the unique heritage buildings, century homes all along our Main Streets that allows us to create the atmosphere within our community. We need to preserve this!

Propery Planned Community Development

There will be much development in Ward 5 within the next few years, planned schools, parks, sports complexes and Go Train, there is a lot happening in our Ward.

A balanced approach to planning development and the impact on our Ward as well as the community of Stouffville is essential.

This also takes into account Stouffville as a community to plan Senior Centres, Family Recreation Centres and our Main Street Reconstruction.

Working together we can ensure a well balance and planned community.