Ward 5 – Residents Concerns

  1. Is Main Street traffic an issue for you?
  2. Do you feel your streets are safe from speeding cars? (Stouffer and 10th)
  3. Are you worried about new private home builds being crammed in and not properly planned?
  4. Is having access to small shops, convenience stores and food retailers near the new Catholic High school important to you as a parent and local resident?
  5. How can we ensure the safety of our students with global warming and the extreme heat conditions?
  6. With Phase 3 development beginning, is traffic and the construction going to be a concern?

I want to hear from you, the Ward 5 residents of how we can keep Ward 5 safe, stable and efficient.

I will work with Ward 5 residents, Whitchurch-Stouffville residents, Council and Town staff to move these topics forward.